Vision and Mission

Love Toronto supports Korean-Canadian Community

Love Toronto is a non-profit organization established in March 2016 to support Korean immigrants settling in Canada by assisting any difficulties they may face. As of July 5, 2018, our organization was publicly registered as a charitable organization.



Love Toronto Korean-Canadian Community Services will be a network hub for Korean-Canadians in Toronto. We will dedicate ourselves to serve underprivileged community members with love, dignity, and respect.


Love Toronto is committed to providing practical help to Koreans residing in Canada for them to overcome numerous obstacles that may arise from cultural, language, social, or other barriers.

Strategies and Duties

We commit to:

    • providing free medical consultation services to Koreans without OHIP or other health insurances to prevent emergency medical situations and costly medical fees.
    • providing relevant and accurate legal information booklets for community members.
    • connecting clients facing legal issues with Korean-speaking lawyers to help find a solution.
    • onnecting clients to psychotherapeutic counseling services in Korean to help prevent, diagnose and treat issues related to mental health.
    • cooperating with senior service organizations to provide different assistance and support programs for seniors.
    • supporting to provide meal services for people in need, with the help of other churches and organizations.
    • providing free acupuncture for the elderly and people in need.
    • renting out Love Toronto’s office space, either for free or for a minimal price, to those organizations that need a one-time venue or a frequently used office space.


  • Respect: We respect the dignity and sanctity of each individual and partner organizations.
  • Integrity: We believe every service and program, provided to clients, must be dealt with integrity; treating all clients with equity, equality and responsibility.
  • Cooperation: All internal and external organizations and departments must cooperate to provide the best service possible and to effectively perform organizational duties.
  • Originality: Our services and programs are original in providing tailored services for clients by analyzing the needs of the Korean-Canadian society.

How to support Love Toronto

Your donation will be a great help for our struggling Korean immigrants. Please join us in contributing to Korean society by donating through any of the available payments.