FAQ | Psychotherapeutic Counseling Referral Program

It is open for anyone who is seeking help for their mental health problem.

Four Ontario registered psychotherapists are contributing for Love Toronto’s Psychotherapeutic Counseling Program.

In order to see a psychiatrist, you need a referral from your family doctor and the fees for seeing a psychiatrist will be covered by OHIP.
Psychiatrists see mental health problems caused from malfunctioning of physical structures, and try to improve conditions through treatment with drugs.
On the other hand, psychologists or psychotherapists focus on the correlation of thoughts, consciousness, and behaviors to help identify the source of the problem and improve conditions through counseling.
The main difference will be that psychiatrists prescribing medications while psychologists or psychotherapists cannot provide prescription.

Psychotherapists receive consultation fees under the academic regulations which is usually $120 per hour.
However, Love Toronto’s partner psychotherapists are offering psychotherapeutic counseling at a discounted price of $80 per hour especially for those patients applying through Love Toronto.

Medical insurance cannot cover consultation fees, but employment or student insurance do cover them.
You may discuss with your assigned psychotherapist if you wish the counseling fee to be covered by your insurance.

Please contact our Love Toronto program coordinator if you need financial support on psychotherapeutic counseling fee.

In-person counseling is the statutes of Love Toronto, but you may discuss with a psychotherapist in certain circumstances.

We are offering the first in-take session for free of charge. Please contact our program coordinator if you find out your psychotherapist is inadequate for your situation.

Keeping patients’ personal privacy confidential is the primary principle of psychotherapists and it is also legally insured.

How to support Love Toronto

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