FAQ | Adult Day Program

It is called Senior Day Care Centre in Korea.
It is a day care centre for seniors who are unable to handle their daily life due to physical or mental weakness (e.g. dementia, stroke, Parkinson Disease). It helps them maintain and improve their physical functioning through various activities in a comfortable and safe environment.
At the same time, it provides some break for family members and caregivers, and improves the functioning of the family by helping them to acquire relevant knowledge on caring seniors.

As it was mentioned above, seniors who are unable to handle their daily life due to physical or mental weakness (e.g. dementia, stroke, Parkinson Disease) are eligible for this program. Qualification to be registered for ADP can be assessed by a family doctor or LHIN (CCAC).

You need to talk to your family doctor before applying to ADP.
If your family doctor thinks a senior is qualified for ADP, he/she can write a reference to the ADP office. You can also get a reference from LHIN (CCAC) as well.

Supervisor will evaluate qualification for ADP through an interview assessing the senior’s physical condition and financial status of the family. Based on the results of the assessment, priority over ADP waitlist gets measured.

ADP operates from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM every Tuesday and Friday. The time seniors stay for ADP slightly differ depending on their transportation availability or some family issues.

There are supervisors managing the program, PSW (caregiver) taking care of seniors, Recreational Programmer operating various programs, and volunteers helping seniors’ activities.

ADP has various weekly activities such as music, dance, arts, and crafting to enhance physical motor skills as well as to improve cognitive function and memory.
Most of all, it is very helpful for seniors participating in ADP to build friendship and to encourage each other.

Maintain and enhance seniors’ skills with effective and practical programs comfortable for individual cognitive states.
Nutritious and balanced diets
Prevent complications and improve daily life skills by maintaining hygiene and caring seniors’ health
Improve social skills and emotional stability by relieving stress and tension with pleasure and achievement in a safe environment
Provide some breaks for family members and caregivers, and improve functions of family by helping to acquire relevant knowledge for caring seniors.

Senior members in ADP usually participate once or twice a week depending on their personal circumstances. It costs $93 per senior on average, and it will be $20 ~ 30 per day with financial support from the government.

After an interview with a family, ADP supervisor can determine if the applicant can afford the ADP or not. If the applicant seems to be difficult for them to do so, a subsidy request from Love Toronto will be submitted by the supervisor.

Arirang Age-Friendly Senior Centre raises operating funds while Milal church provides place and CHATS running the ADP.
AAFCC is a non-profit charity founded by Korean community in Toronto for the welfare of senior citizens.

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