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Medical consultation Service for non-OHIP patients

We provide free medical consultation service to Koreans who are not covered by medical insurance (e.g. OHIP or student insurance plan) with volunteering specialists, family doctors, and radiologists. This service is only available by appointment.

Prescriptions and requisitions for additional examination can be issued after consultation as needed. Please take a blood test or urine test requisition form to Life Lab or Gamma Dynacare for lab tests. Please ensure that there is a fee for your lab test.
We offer ultrasound imaging but other radiological diagnosis can be done at medical imaging centres (e.g. HiTek Medical Imaging), and there is also a fee for this test.
Consultation hours: Saturday or Sunday (by appointment only)
Appointment reservation: by inquiry (service request) on Love Toronto Home page

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Psychotherapeutic counseling referral service

Psychotherapeutic counseling referral service is to provide accessibility for Koreans who have difficulties with accessing mental health care assistants in Canada. Love Toronto provides a counseling service for your mental health and any types of anxiety disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, or insomnia you may have.
Certain situations you may feel difficult to manage on your own can also be consulted. For example, stress occurring from seeking a job, studying, or such relationship problems with your partner, children, or co-workers.

We connect clients and our cooperating therapists to book an appointment for private counseling. Love Toronto also financially supports a portion of the consultation fees for clients who are financially suffering and have no access to service.
Application: You will be assigned to our one of cooperating therapists after applying through a “service request” on our website.
We transfer subsidies for consultation directly to our therapists, but there may be additional fee depending on the number of appointments.

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Legal Counsel Referral Service

Our legal counseling program aims to help Koreans who have limited information and access to legal assistance. This service is to focus on providing appropriate information rather than representing clients in the court.

Cases available
Small Claim Court (information only) Family Law (information only) Criminal Law (information only) Land Tenancy Board (information only) Immigration (information only)

How to apply for Legal Counsel Referral Service
Please fill out a “service request” on our Love Toronto Homepage with your case or situation in details you would like to discuss. One of our attorneys will respond back to you by email or phone call. In case you need to talk face to face, your assigned attorney will contact you to make an in-person appointment. If you are having trouble with online requests, please ask our program coordinator for help.

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Ariang Adult Day Program was founded by Arirang Age-Friendly Community Centre and is operating by CHATS in the Milal church building. It is open from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM every Tuesday and Friday, and about 25 seniors are currently registered. We hope this program can be helpful for our community, where seniors can have various activities and socializing opportunities while their family members can have spare time from taking care of seniors with disadvantage.

For application, you need to finish an application form from your family doctor office and submit to the ADP through your family doctor. Please ensure that the priority goes for seniors who are in the early stages of dementia or who have physical disadvantages. You may have to wait for a quiet period because of the waitlist.

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Korean-translated Canadian Legal Information Booklets

With a permission from Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO), it was translated into Korean by our volunteers and reviewed by Love Toronto advisory attorney.